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BBC News with Jonathan Izard.

The two rivals for the French presidency have been trading barbs at the start of the only televised debate ahead of Sunday's runoff. The far-right candidate, Marine Le Pen, accused her centrist rival, Emmanuel Macron, of being the candidate of the elite. Mr. Macron countered that Ms. Le Pen represented the spirit of defeat.

Opposition supporters in Venezuela have clashed violently with security forces in the capital, Caracas. Riot police have retaliated with teargas, rubber bullets and water cannon.

The British Prime Minister, Teresa May, has accused some politicians and officials in Brussels of not wanting Brexit to succeed or Britain to prosper. Mrs. May said some had made threats against Britain that were deliberately timed to affect next month's general election, a remark that a senior E.U. source later dismissed as pure fantasy.

President Trump has said he is committed to working with the Palestinians and Israel to reach a peace deal. We shall get it done, Mr. Trump said, after White House talks with the Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas. Mr. Abbas said the peace accord based on the two-state solution would help the fight against terrorism.

The Director of the FBI, James Comey, has defended his decision to notify the U.S. Congress about reopening an investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails less than two weeks before the presidential election. Mr. Comey said failure to do so would have been an act of concealment.

Somalia's Public Works Minister, Abas Siraji, has been shot dead. Reports say he was attacked in his car near the presidential palace in Mogadishu. One police official was quoted as saying the Minister was killed when his bodyguards clashed with those protecting Somalia's Auditor-General.

Facebook says it plans to employ a further 3,000 people over the coming year to monitor inappropriate content on the social media network. Such material includes videos of murders and suicide.

And scientists in Britain have developed a bionic hand that can see objects and decide which grip to use. Researchers added a cheap camera to a standard plastic device.

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