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Opposition demonstrators in Venezuela have set up road blocks and clashed with police in cities across the country to protest against President Nicholas Maduro's announcement of a new constituent assembly. President Maduro said it's necessary to neutralize the opposition which he accuses of organizing a coup.

The European Commission has recommended the temporary border controls introduced in 5 countries to tackle the migrant crisis be phased out in the next 6 months. The measures were implemented by Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden and Norway despite being part of the Schengen area.

President Trump has tweeted that the U.S. government meets what he called a good shutdown in September after some of his demands were ignored in the Congressional spending bill. The bipartisan deal excludes funds for a promised wall along the Mexican border.

Human rights groups in Brazil have called on the government to increase protection for indigenous people. It follows an attack on the Gamela tribe in the Amazon, in which they suffered gunshot wounds, stabbings and amputations.

The trial has opened in France of a group of people linked to the publication of topless photographs of Prince William's wife, Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge. Six people are facing privacy and conspiracy charges including 3 photographers. They deny wrong doing.

The far-right candidate in France's presidential elections, Marine Le Pen, has said she was fully aware that parts of a major set piece speech she delivered on Monday had been copied from a political rival. She said it was a deliberate way to reach out to supporters of the defeated candidate Francois Fillon.

The U.S. and Russian Presidents have spoken by telephone to discuss possible ways to deal with current world hot spots. The White House said Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin agreed that the civil war in Syria had dragged on for too long.

And Switzerland's highest court has ruled that the remains of Burundian King who died 40 years ago must stay in the country. It marks the end of a protracted legal battle between members of Mwambutsa IV's own family.

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