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Venezuela says it will withdraw from the Organization of American States, accusing it of trying to meddle in the country's internal affairs. The decision was signaled shortly after the group voted to hold an emergency meeting of foreign ministers to discuss Venezuela's political and economic crisis.

There's been a big explosion near the International Airport in the Syrian capital, Damascus. Arabic media reports say there may have been an Israeli air strike targeting an arm supply hub operated by the militant group Hezbollah. None of those details have been independently confirmed.

Police in HongKong have arrested and charged at least 9 pro-democracy activists over their alleged participation in an anti-Beijing protest last year. Activists say they have been persecuted to discourage protests ahead of a visit by the Chinese President Xi Jinping.

President Trump has told Mexico and Canada that he wants to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement. Earlier reports that President Trump was considering an executive order to terminate the trade deal cause the Mexican and Canadian currencies to fall.

United Airlines has promised big changes to the way it handles over-booking after a video of a passenger being dragged from a plane in Chicago caused international outrage. United said the policy changes signaled a culture shift.

Ministers from 27 European Union countries are meeting in Luxembourg today to discuss final draft guidelines on the bloc's stance on Britain's exit from the Union. Their talk's the last before E.U. leaders meet the weekend to adopt their joint negotiating position.

Paleontologists studying in the fossil record in California have put forward a highly controversial thesis that early humans lived in the region 130,000 years ago. They based the claim on the discovery of mastodon bones that they say could have only been broken by humans wielding rocks.

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