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Projections from the French presidential election suggest that the centrist Emmanuel Macron has won the first round. Several polls put him at 23%,a point or so ahead of Marine Le Pen of the anti-migration National Front, they'll go through to run-off in two weeks' time.

Mr. Macron that the page has clearly turned in French Politics, with the people expressing the desire for change.Marine Le Pen for her part described the result as historic, calling herself the candidate of the French people, she said that the time has come for what she said was the real alternative.The centre-right candidate Francois Fillon considered defeat and asked supporters to back Mr. Macron.

Do not disaprear, remain united, your strength is going to be important and France needs it. Abstention isn't something that belongs to me, particularly when there's an extremist party ready to pounce on power. Extriminism, do trust me, can only produce misfortune and division for France, therefore I will vote for Emmanuel Macron.

In other News, local officials in Northern Afganistan they fear as many as 200 people may have been in Friday's Taliban attack in an army base in Mazar e-Sharif.The Afgan Defence Ministry has not released firm casualty figures.

Five suspected members of AL-Qaeda have reportedly been in Yemen, in what's believed to have been a US drone attack, local security sources 3 civilians also died in the strike, in the Province of Shabwa.

Isreal and China have reached a deal under which 6000 Chinese construction workers will be brought in to help ease Isreal's housing shortage.
Reports suggest Isreal has acceded to a Chinese demand that the workers not be involved in the building of Jewish settlement in the occupied west bank.

BBC news.