来源:BBC 2019-03-29

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BBC News with Marion Marshall.

Britain has followed the United States in banning laptops, tablet computers and large smart phones from cabin baggage on flights from the Middle East. The US ban affects eight countries, while the British one covers six. Officials say the moves follow intelligence suggesting that terrorist groups are actively targeting airlines.

The French Interior Minister Bruno Le Roux has resigned after it emerged that he had employed his two daughters as parliamentary assistants while they were students. Prosecutors had earlier opened a preliminary investigation into contracts with nearly 60,000 dollars that Mr. Le Roux gave his daughters.

President Trump's nominee for the US Supreme Court Neil Gorsuch has sought to assure Senators of his independence as he testifies at his confirmation hearing. Mr. Gorsuch said he kept an open mind for the entire process when considering a judgement.

Rebel in jihadist forces in Syria say their assault on the capital Damascus is sending a message to the government just days before another round of peace talks. They say it shows they can still mount a major attack on what's regarded the Syria's most heavily protected city.

The US State Department says it has offered alternative dates to enable RexTillerson to attend a NATO foreign ministers' meeting next month. Earlier, it emerged the Secretary of State would skip the Brussels talks so as not to missa US visit by the Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

South Korean prosecutors have spent 14 hours questioning the former President Park Geun-hye over her role in the corruption scandal that led her impeachment.She apologized to the South Korean people, but denies wrong doing.

A prominent land rights activist in Brazil Waldomiro Costa Pereira has been shot dead by five gunmen, who burst into the hospital in the Amazon where he was being treated. Mr. Costa Pereira was recovering from a previous assassination attempt.

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