来源:BBC 2019-01-13

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BBC News with Eileen McCue.

Dutch political leaders are about to take part in a final televised debate ahead of Wednesdays general election. The two front runners in opinion polls are the center-right party of current Prime Minister Mark Rutte and that of an anti-EUanti-immigrant rival Geert Wilders.

Meanwhile Turkeys President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has continued his bitter invective against the Netherlands accusing the Dutch of having blood on their hands. He cited the Srebrenic massacre when Dutch peace keepers failed to prevent the killing of Bosnian Muslims.

French prosecutor say the presidential candidate Francois Fillon has been placed under formal investigation over allegations of corruption. Mr. Fillon denies having paid his wife and children for work they didnt do.

The head of the US Marines General Robert Neller has admitted that the recent scandal involving photos of nude female marines being shared onthe website is one of the darkest moments in the corps history. He promised tochange the culture.

A Brazilian football team has been criticized for signing agoal keeper found guilty of ordering the murder of his former girlfriend. The club Boa Esporte confirmed the appointment of Bruno Fernandes despite a furious reaction on social media and by sponsors. He has been released from prisonpending an appeal.

Doctors in Kenya arranged a 100 daysstrike that has paralyzed the countrys public health system. Doctors will receive additional monthly allowances of between 500 and 700 dollars.

Leader of Boko Harams splinter group has appeared in courtin the Nigerian capital Abuja charged with the kidnapping and murder of ten foreigners. He and six other defendants denied the charges.

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has denied incourt that his wife Sarah ejected him from a car during a row. The couple are suinga journalist who made the claim on social media. BBC News.