来源:BBC 2019-01-13

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BBC News with Marian Marshal.

President Trump has signed a new executive order imposing a 90-day ban on travelers from six mainly Muslim countries. Iraq has been taken off the list after additional vetting measures were agreed. Most of the controversial measures of the old order have been removed.

Leaders of French Centre-Right reasserted their support fortheir presidential candidate Francois Fillon in next months election. Mr.Fillon once the Front runner has lost much of his support after being told he faced formal investigation for embezzlement. He denies the charges and refused to step aside.

The US Supreme Court has decided not to rule in a landmark case involving the bathroom rights of trans-gender students. The court referred the case of Gavin Grimm back to a lower court after the Trump administration withdrew guidance that trans-gender students be allowed to use bathrooms aligned with their own gender identity.

US officials say thereve been a series of incidents in the Strait of Hormuz in which Iranian vessels have come close to a patrolling US navy tracking ship designed to monitor missile tests. Fast attack vessels belonging to the Iranian revolutionary guard reportedly came to within 600 meters of the US ship invincible on Saturday forcing it to change course. Three days earlier, an Iranian navy frigate is reportedly to approach the same US vessel.

A prominent South Sudanese General, who resigned from the army last month, has set up a new rebel group. General Thomas Cirillo said President Salva Kiir had led the country into an abyss.

The Namibian former sprinter Frankie Fredericks has said hes stepping down from a task force investigating doping in Russian athletics after he was implicated in corruption allegations surrounding the Rio Olympics. Mr. Fredericks said the allegations were false, but he did not want the integrity of the investigation to be compromised. BBC world service news.