BBC英语新闻:奢侈品牌Gucci在雅典卫城举行时装秀 遭希腊政府拒绝

来源:BBC 2019-03-18

BBC News


President Trump has welcomed the Israeli Prime MinisterBenjamin Netanyahu to the White House saying he will work very hard in what he called a great peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians. He said both sides would have to make compromises

President Trump has described as nonsense of a report in the New York Times that his campaign team had contacts with Russian officials before last years election. Speaking two days after the resignation of his national security advisor Michael Flynn, Mr. Trump accused the US Intelligence Services of illegally leaking information.

The American Defense Secretary James Matts has warned that the United States will moderate its commitment to NATO unless member countries increase their defense spending. But speaking at his first meeting with NATODefense Ministers in Brussels, Mr. Matts said the alliance was a fundamental bedrock of transatlantic ties.

North Korea has asked Malaysia to hand over the body of a man who thought to be poisoned at Kuala Lumpur airport. He is believed to be KimJong-nam, the half-brother of the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

The US senator has voted to block the legislation passedunder President Obama which would have prevented some people with mental disabilities from purchasing fire arms. The regulation strengthening background checks was introduced in the wake of The Sandy Hook elementary school shooting in 2012.

Scientists in the US say they can detect autism in childrensbrains long before any behavioral symptoms emerged. The earliest children tend to be diagnosed at the age of two. Some cases are not picked up until children go to school.

Greece has rejected a request by the Italian luxury brand Gucci to hold a fashion show amid the ruins of the Acropolis. Greek media reports said the fashion house had offered more than two million dollars forthe use of the ancient site. And thats the summary from BBC News.