来源:BBC 2019-03-11

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BBC News with Marian Marshall.

Malaysian police say they believe the half-brother of the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been killed in an airport in Kuala Lumpur. A British source,close to Kim Jong-nams family, has told the BBC that poison was involved.Media outlets in the region say he was killed using poison needles or some sort of spray.

The White House spokesman has said the President Trump asked his chief advisor on national security to resign after "his trust in him had eroded".The spokesman said Michael Flynn misleading senior officials about his conversations with a Russian ambassador had not been illegal but an issue of trust.

United Nations has warned of a serious escalation in the conflict in the eastof Ukraine. An official said that since January the distance between government and rebel forces had narrowed to hundreds of meters in some places, almost face to face.

The French PSA Group which manufactures Peugeot and Citroen cars says its considering taking over Opel, the European business at the US car giant General Motors. If the deal goes ahead, PSA will become Europes second biggest carmaker.

The chairman of the Japanese electronics conglomerate TOSHIBA has resigned after the company announced that it suffered a net loss this year of 3.4 billion dollars. Shigenori Shiga is the most senior TOSHIBA executive to resign, since it emerged that the company made massive losses with its nuclear business in the United States.

A new study has warned that Indias air pollution now rivals Chinas. There port by the US based Health Effect Institute suggests Indias worsening airquality caused over a million premature death every year.

A man has been found guilty of murdering a six-year-old boy who disappeared inNew York in 1979, in what became one of USs most haunting missing child cases.Pedro Hernandez was convicted in a retrial of kidnapping and killing Etan Patz.BBC News.