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Two former U.S. Republican presidents, George Bush Sr. and his son, George W., have called on Americans to reject racism and anti-semitism. It's being seen as a rebuke to Donald Trump for his comments about who was responsible for clashes in Charlotteville on Saturday.

Mr. Trump's sparked fury when he again blamed both anti-racist protesters and white supremacists. One demonstrator, Heather Heyer, was killed. At her memorial service, her mother said the killer had wanted to silence her daughter, but had ended up magnifying her.

President Trump has announced he's dismantling two advisory panels made mainly of senior business figures. Several resigned in the controversy over the U.S. leader's reaction to events in Charlotteville.

Canada and Mexico have hit back at the United States in talks that began today to renegotiate a 23-year-old trade deal, the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA. America wants to host their revision, saying U.S. jobs must be preserved. But Mexico said the deal could not be improved by tearing up what had worked. And Canada argued that its trade with the U.S. was balanced and mutually beneficial.

The South African police say that Zimbabwe has requested diplomatic immunity for its First Lady, Grace Mugabe, after accusations that she assaulted a woman. The police say Mrs. Mugabe is still in South Africa, and that they want her case to be processed through its legal system.

The United States has designated the largest armed group in Indian-administered Kashmir, Hizbul Mujahideen, as a foreign terrorist organization. Washington is imposing immediate sanctions on the organization, and freezing its U.S. assets.

The Indian government has warned it will take action against any websites that fail to remove links to the Blue Whale Challenge phenomenon, said to involve a series of dangerous tasks. It's been blamed for several teenagers taking their own lives.

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