来源:BBC 2019-01-27

BBC News


President Donald Trump has marked the start of his first full week in office with a decisive shift in America's dealings with the rest of the world. He's pulled out of the giant free trade deal with Pacific rim countries, which was negotiated by President Obama but never ratified, and he's warned of penalties for US companies that move jobs overseas. The new Trump administration has also fired off a warning to China about taking over territory in international waters. The White House spokesman said that if islands in the South China Sea were not part of China proper, the US would defend them.

Meanwhile, Mr. Trump has reinstated the ban on giving money to international groups that perform or discuss abortion as a family planning option. Critics say this will hinder women in poor countries who want access to reproductive health services.

And the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee has narrowly voted to approve RexTillerson, the former chief executive of the oil giant Exxon Mobil, as secretary of state. The vote was 11 to 10.

Officials in northeastern Nigeria have warned that female suicide bombers have started carrying babies to avoid detection. Ten days ago, two women attacked the town of Madagali, initially going unnoticed because they had babies on their backs.

The European police agency Europol says a large scale security operation hasled to the recovery of more than 3,500 stolen works of art and ancient artifacts. The agency says several are of great cultural importance.

The Canadian government is investigating an oil spill on indigenous agricultural land in the central province of Saskatchewan. Officials said about 200,000 liters of oil had leaked from a pipeline, but said wildlife and airquality had not been affected.

And the chief executive of Formula 1 Motor Racing Bernie Ecclestone has been removed from his post after more than 40 years in charge. The American company Liberty Media announced the move having completed its 8-billion-dollar take over of the sport. BBC World Service News.