来源:BBC 2019-04-12

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The advancing Syrian army says its battle with rebels for control of the city of Aleppo has entered its final phase. Earlier the Syrian observatory for human rights said the rebels withdrawn from another six neighborhoods, thousands ofcivilians are among the rebels in their small and rapidly shrinking enclave.

Airstrikes on villages held by Islamic state militants in Syria have reportedly killed more than 50 people. Opposition activists say the attacks targeted villages northwest of Palmyra which was recaptured by Islamic state militants over theweekend.

Aid workers say more than two million children in war torn Yemen are now acutelymalnourished, even children's agency says at least one child there diesevery ten minutes as a result of preventable disease.

The European Union and the US are imposing sanctions against senior officialsin the Democratic Republic of Congo for their role in deadly clashes with protesters. The demonstrators want President Joseph Kabila to step down.

The Gambian Bar Association says President Yahya Jammehs rejection of the country's election result is turn to amount to treason. Mr. Jammeh, who lost initially, agreed to leave office, but on Friday he said that he no longer accepted the results.

The Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir has warned those thinking of protesting against him that he would not be overthrown by people using keyboards and whats app. His government has faced backlash since it announced tough austerity measures last month.

The former Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Guterres has been sworn in as the next secretary general of the United Nations. He said the UNhad to reform the way it works to be more effective.

The footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has been voted the best player in the world for the fourth time wining the Ballon d'Or award. Ronaldocaptain Portugal to their first major international victory in the European football championships. And that is the BBC news.