来源:BBC 2019-02-02

BBC news


Donald Trump has dismissed the reported conclusions of the CIA that Russia interfered to help him win the US presidential election as ridiculous. In aninterview with FOX news, Mr. Trump said he didn't believe it, he said his Democratic Party rivals were just trying to find another excuse for their defeat.

In the same interview, the US president elect suggested he should not be bound by the one China policy, a statement that's likely to be greeted with alarm in Beijing. He suggested the policy should betied to other things such as trade. The one China agreement under which the US acknowledges Taiwan as part of China has been the bed rock of Sino-American relations.

The Italian foreign minister Paolo Gentiloni has been appointed prime minister to replace Matteo Renzi. Mr. Renzi resigned after being defeated last weekin a referendum, unplanned constitutional reforms.

Islamic state militants have retaken control of ancient Syrian city of Palmyra after being driven out by heavy Russian airstrikes overnight on Saturday. The governor of Holm province said government forces had withdrawn but were regrouping in preparation to expel the Jihadists.

Exit polls in Romania suggest the social democrats have won Sunday's general election, they lost power a year ago and made public protest against corruption after deadly fire at Bucharest night club that had allegedly bribed officials to ignore safety breaches.

The Macedonian singer Esma Redzepova, who became known as the queen of Romanian song, has died, she was 73. Redzepova was one of the first vocalists to record in the Roma language and became an ambassador for her people worldwide.

Voters in Kyrgyzstan have backed constitutional changes which President AlmazbekAtambayevs critics say a design to prolong his group in power. The election commission said almost 80% voted yes. BBC news.