BBC英语新闻:巴西甲级球队赴赛途中坠机 引全球悲恸

来源:BBC 2019-03-02

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BBC news with Marion Marshall.

The world football has reacted with shock and grief to the death of almost all the players of the Brazilian club Chapecoense in an air crash in Colombia. Inthe club's hometown in southern Brazil, fans gathered in their stadium to grieve while the FIFA president Gianni Infantino and the sportsmost famous player Paley said football was in mourning.

France has expressed extreme concerns about the fighting in Aleppo where the Syrian government has made sweeping advances against rebels. The French foreign minister said the government and its allies would not resolve the Syrian conflict if they carried out what it called one of the biggest massacres on the civilian population since the World War II.

The US military has admitted that coalition aircraft mistakenly bombedpro-Syrian government forces in September thinking they were targeting fighting positions of the Islamic state group.

Water supplies to parts of the Iraqi city of Mosul have been cut as a battle to reclaim it from Islamic state militants continues. Reports say a pipeline washit during fighting between the Jihadists and the Iraqi government forces cutting off the supply to some 600,000 people.

The US president elect Donald Trump has chosen congress man Tom Price as HealthSecretary, an outspoken critic of president Obama's healthcare law. A senior Democratic senator said it was akin to asking the fox to guard the hen house.

The wall of the Jewish cemetery in Vienna has been defaced with swastikas, the head of Austria's Jewish community called on politicians to ensure their actions during the presidential campaign did not stir up antisemitism.

An Indonesian court has dismissed a lawsuit brought by nine community leaderswho want to enforce the protection of a vast tropical forest in Aceh province from commercial exploitation. It is home to some of the worlds most endangeredspecies including orangutans and tigers. BBC news.