来源:BBC 2019-04-02

BBC news


A spokeswoman for the US president elect has told local media that Donald Trump won't push for any further investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of her private email server when she was secretary of state. During the election campaign, Mr.Trump had promised that if he became president he would appoint a specia lprosecutor to investigate the affair adding that Mrs. Clinton would end up injail.

Security forces in Cameroon have fired tear gas and live bullets atanti-government protesters in the English speaking northwest of the country. Atleast one person is said to have been killed and several wounded in the regional capital Bamenda. The protest began on Monday in support of a teacher strike against the imposition of French in schools in Anglophone

parts of Cameroon.

An HIV positive man from Malawi has been sentenced to two years in jail with hard labor after being convicted of engaging in harmful cultural practices. EricAniva was arrested after telling the BBC he had unprotected sex with widows in order to purify them, a custom banned in Malawi.

A Russian cyber security firm was warned that a group of hackers has targeted bank cash machines in coordinated attacks across Europe forcing them to spit out notes, the security firm said accomplices would be stationed outside the cash machines to gather the proceeds from the technique.

The leaders of the biggest political groups in the European parliament have saidthey support suspending talks with Turkey about joining the EU, the parliamentis due to have a non-binding vote in the matter later this week.

A private bidder has paid 430,000 dollars at an auction in Britain for an extremely rare and almost complete skeleton of a Dodo. The Dodo was a meter tall flightless bird that lived in the island of Mauritius. It was hunted to extinction in the 17th century. BBC news.