来源:BBC 2019-04-16

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Pope Francis has extended indefinitely the power of all Roman Catholic priests to forgive women who have had abortions. Last year, he granted priest the same powers for the duration of what it decreed as the holy year of mercy which ended on Sunday prior to that only bishops and special confessors had been able to give up solution.

A suicide bomb attack at a mosque in the Afghan capital Kabul has killed atleast 30 people and injured 50 more. Many casualties are children. The Islamic state group said it was responsible for the blast of the Mosque used by the Shiite community.

Some 200,000 unemployed graduates in Nigeria have begun receiving text messagesto say they have been hired by government job creation scheme. They are the first batch to be taken on following the governments election pledge last yearto find a work for half a million graduates.

Japanese troops have arrived in South Sudan on a peace keeping mission, the first time in nearly 70 years that Japan has deployed its soldiers overseaswith a broad mandate to use force if necessary. There has been criticism thatthe new powers run counter to Japan's pacifistconstitution.

The United Nations says almost one million Syrians are now living under siege. Thehead of UN aid said the figure had doubled in the past six months. The UN'sAIDS program says treatment has been made available to a million more HIVpositive people in the past half year, but it also warned that young women are being let down. Our report shows that the number of people with access toanti-retroviral therapy in June doubled in five years.

A controversial pastor in South Africa has provoked a storm in social media after it emerged that he has been spaying his congregants with an insecticide,condom is part of healing ritual. The pastor is pictured spaying a woman inthe face in order to drive out demons. BBC news.