BBC英语新闻:唐纳德・图斯克表示 尊重美国人民的民主选择

来源:BBC 2019-02-27

BBC news


BBC news with Marion Marshall.

The US president elect Donald Trump has defeated rival Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have all appealed for unity following the most divisive election campaigns. Mrs. Clinton said her loss had been painful, but she hoped Mr. Trump would be a successful president for all Americans. She said those whose hopes hadbeen dashed owed him the chance to lead and she urged her followers to defend the values of the constitution, the rule of law, equality and respect for institutions.

Her remarks were echoed by president Obama, who said that although he had significant differences with Mr. Trump, he would work as hard as he could to ensure a successful transition between the two administrations. The Republican speaker of the US House of Representatives PaulRyan has hailed Donald Trump's victory as the most incredible political feat hesseen in his lifetime. Mr. Ryan said the Republican Party's strong showing incongressional elections were thanks in no small part to the president elect.

Donald Trump himself has said his immediate prioritiesare restoring the country's infrastructure and doubling its economic growth. Buton the campaign trail, he promised to repeal many of the changes introduced by President Obama including health care reform and measures to fight climate change. European leaders have expressed reservations about what a Trump presidency will mean.

The president of the European council Donald Tusk said what happened in America should be treated as a warning sign for all who believe in liberaldemocracy. He stressed, however, that Europe and America hadno option but to cooperate as closely as possible. After the initial shock ofelection result, stock markets in the US and Europe have reacted favorably toMr. Trump's victory. The Dow Jones Industrial average in New York is up almost 1%.After early falls, some European markets have fully recovered and now tradinghigher. BBC news.