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From VOA Learning English, this is the Health & Lifestyle report.

Some men may think that it is not their job to help with housework. They may think that it is a womans job to wash clothes or clean up after a meal.

But a new study shows these men may want to think again.

The study found that a man who helped around the house not only has more sex with his partner; he also has a really good sex life.

It is time to face facts.

Women find a man washing dishes very sexy.

And now there is scientific evidence to prove it.

A new study suggests that men who do their share of housework have better sex lives.

Matt Johnson is an assistant professor in the Department of Human Ecology at the University of Alberta in Canada. He remembered reading about an earlier study on housework. That study claimed that men who did little or no work at home had more sex.

Johnson told Medical News Online that this claim does not seem to ring true. He said it does not support his experience as a couples therapist. In that job, he provided advice to married couples and others on personal relationships.

So, Johnson helped organize the new study to re-investigate the relationship between dividing household duties and sex lives.

He and the other researchers examined information about 1,338 couples. These men and women were part of a German project on relationships.

For that project, researchers asked each male partner about the amount of housework they did. They asked the men what household chores they did, and whether the level of work was similar to that of their partner.

The researchers looked at each partner's sexual satisfaction and sexual activities rates one year later.

The results showed no link between the amount of housework a man did and a couple's sex life. It was the idea offairnessthat made the most difference.

The men who thought they did a fair part of the household chores had sex more often with their partner. And both partners reported their sex life being more satisfying.

So, men, get to work. Wash those dishes! Make the bed! The study did not ask why you are cleaningjust that you are cleaning.

Johnson and his colleagues reported their findings in the Journal of Family Psychology.

Im Anna Matteo.

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Matt Johnson是加拿大阿尔伯塔大学人类生态学系的助理教授,他记得曾读过早期关于家务的研究,该研究声称男人少做、甚至不做家务,有更多性生活。
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