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From VOA Learning English, this is the Environment and Science Report.

The World Health Organization says an increasing number of infections cannot be treated because of growing resistance to antibiotic drugs. This resistance puts the lives of millions of people at risk.

The WHO studied 133 countries. It found that no part of the world is ready to fight the growing threat. It says only twenty-five percent of the countries it studied has a thorough plan to fight resistance to antibiotics and other antimicrobial medicines.

The study also found that many people do not know about the problem. And, the researchers say many people believe antibiotics are effective against viral infections. The organization says this misunderstanding causes antibiotics to be used even when they will not work. The resulting overuse can cause resistance.

Charles Penn is a WHO expert on antimicrobial resistance. He says researchers discovered that antibiotics and similar medicines are sold in many places without a doctor's prescription. He says this increases the possibility of overuse of antibiotics and increases resistance.

The WHO official says urgent action is needed or the world will enter a "post-antibiotic" period. That means a time when common infections and minor injuries could once again kill people. Charles Penn says doctors also would lose the ability to treat many more serious conditions like tuberculosis, HIV and malaria. And he says advanced medical treatments like major surgery will become much riskier or impossible.

This is not a problem for future worry. Charles Penn says there are diseases and infections that no longer are treatable with available antibiotics today. For example, he says antibiotics no longer affect the disease gonorrhea.

"Another example would be hundreds of thousands of new cases of multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis each year. Again, these are infections that have already become very difficult to treat. And it's difficult to put a precise number on what will happen in the future, but if we do not act it can only get worse."

The World Health Assembly is now meeting in Geneva to discuss a Global Action Plan to fight antimicrobial and antibiotic resistance.

I'm Marsha James.

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Charles Penn是世卫组织抗菌药物耐药性的专家,他表示研究人员发现抗生素和类似药品在未经医师处方的许多地方出售。他表示这将增加滥用抗生素的可能性并增加耐药性。

世卫组织官员称迫切需要采取紧急措施,否则全球将进入“后抗生素”时代。这意味着常见的感染病和轻伤都可能再次致死。Charles Penn称医生也可能无力治愈如肺结核、艾滋病和疟疾等许多更严重的疾病。他表示如大手术等先进医疗手段可能将变得更危险或不可治愈。

这并非未来才担忧的问题,Charles Penn称用现有的抗生素已经无法治疗许多疾病和感染。他举例称抗生素对淋病不见效。



我是Marsha James.