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It used to be mostly the military that used small, unpiloted aircraft, calleddrones.” The little planes were very costly. But as they have dropped in price more people have begun to use them. Rescue workers and farmers are among the new users.

A company in France is using drones to help farmers examine their crops and limit the amount of fertilizer they use.

The fast rate of development of computer technology, image sensing devices, satellite navigation and smartphones has led to lower-priced drones. Researchers and developers have learned how to build smaller and less-costly drones sought by individuals, companies and governments.

Moviemakers are using drones to film from the sky. Historians use them when they explore ancient buildings. Rescue workers use them to look for people. And now farmers are using them to monitor their crops.

Romain Faroux is a French businessman who starts companies. His father was a farmer. He believed drones could help farmers. He helped create a company that developed a small drone that could be controlled by people on the ground. They called itAgridrone.” It uses a specialoptical sensorto examine crops.

He says the technology used is similar to that used by smartphones -- except it has wings. He says the industrialization of electronic parts for smartphones and tablets lets them get the technology -- including GPS -- at a very low price.

A computer program directs the drone to fly over the crops. The sensor on the drone records four different-coloredbandsof sunlight that are reflected off the crops.

Jean-Baptiste Bruggeman is a farmer. He says the drone flies over his crops at different times of the season. He says this provides a lot of information about his crops.

He says the drone pictures show him the exact amount of fertilizer the crops need. He says it also shows exactly where the fertilizer is needed. Some areas of a field may need more than others.

As a result, Mr. Bruggeman says there is reduced nitrogen from the fertilizer after the harvest. This helps nature.

Romain Faroux says farmers use information gathered by the Agridrone to place fertilizer only in areas where it was needed. This saves money and reduces pollution. Before they used the drones, farmers would put the same amount of fertilizer everywhere.

Drones also save time because farmers can examine up to three hectares in about a minute.

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Romain Faroux是法国的一个商人,他经营者一家小公司。他的父亲是一位农民。他相信无人机可以帮助农民。他船板了一家公司,该公司是研发能被地面人员控制的小型无人机。他们称之为“农业无人机”。该飞机采用一种特殊的“光学传感器”来检测作物。


Jean-Baptiste Bruggeman是一位农民。他说无人机在不同是季节不同的时间,飞跃作物上空。他表示这种方法向他提供了很多关于其作物的信息。

Mr. Bruggeman表示,收获后的肥料中含氮量减少,有助于土壤恢复。

Romain Faroux说农民根据无人机检测,验收的信息来想所需区域投放化肥。这样既能节省钱还能减少污染。在使用无人机之前,农民会在每一个地方使用同样多的化肥。


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