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From VOA learning English, this is the agriculture report.

The U.S. is awarding $15,000 each to five pairs of U.S. and Ethiopian universities for research and development projects.

One partnership is between the University of Maryland and Debre Birhan University, in Ethiopia. The partners will use the money to train Ethiopian women to grow crops throughout the year. They will teach students in both classrooms and on farms. Their goal is to help Ethiopia fight food insecurity.

Becky Ramsing is an advisor at the University of Maryland. She says she hopes the program will help women in Ethiopia who might not have any other way to get training.

If you give the woman the resources those resources will directly go to the family. And when women are given added income or are able to raise more food, that directly relates to the children and the education and nutrition of the child.”

Ms. Ramsing says the program will first train teachers and officials at Debre Birhan University. Then, those teachers and officials will teach women useful farming skills, such as how to grow food in small places.

Some of these women dont have access to land. How can we do container gardening and vertical gardening, livestocks like small poultry?”

Tsigemariam Bashe is an official of Debre Birhan university. Ms. Bashe says the program aims to do more than teach farming. The larger purpose, she says, is to help women care for themselves and their families

Empowering women is empowering the whole population or empowering the society.”

Hailu Terefe also works at Debre Birham. He says in some parts of the country only men are taught how to farm.

There is cultural differences in Ethiopia. All of the regions do not have the same culture. There are regions that women are not allowed to go for agricultural practices.”

Tsigemariam Bashe hopes the women who are trained will then train other women.

I hope, I hope in the near future womens in the project becomes the community educator.”

Four other American universities received awards for research and development partnerships. They are Brown, Bowling Green State, Ball State and the University of North Texas Libraries. The U.S. State Department and Department of Education gave the awards, in part, to strengthen the abilities of teachers and school officials in both the U.S. and Ethiopia.

Im Marsha James.

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Becky Ramsing是美国马里兰大学的顾问,她说,她希望该项计划可以帮助那些没有其他办法获得培训机会的埃塞俄比亚妇女。




Tsigemariam Bashe是德卜伯尔汉大学的一名官员。他说该项目的目标不仅仅是教会妇女农业知识,更大的目标是帮助妇女照顾自己以及其家庭。


Hailu Terefe也在德卜勒伯尔汉大学工作。他说在该国得某些地方,只有男人才能获得农业培训的资格。


Tsigemariam Bashe希望得到培训的妇女可以训练其他妇女。


另外四所美国大学收到了科研开发合作的奖励,他们是布朗大学,博林格林州立大学 ,鲍尔州立大学,北德克萨斯大学的图书馆。美国国务院和教育部颁发奖项的部分原因是为了加强美国和埃塞俄比亚教职员工的能力