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From VOA Learning English, this is the Education Report.

The school year has begun in Cameroon. But thousands of students and teachers are fleeing their schools in towns that border Nigerias Borno state.  The state is the home of the Boko Haram terrorist group.

One thousand children were expected to start classes in government schools in the border town of Kolofata. But only a few arrived.  

Seventeen-year-old Foncha Rene was one of those who did come to school.  He says Boko Haram attacks in the area have frightened away other students. Recent armed conflict between the Nigerian Boko Haram rebels and Cameroon soldiers collapsed the schools walls.

Pamela Singeth works at the government school in Kolofata. She spoke to VOA while taking refuge in a military camp.

I cannot advise any child to go to school in the border zone because it is dangerous. Look at some classrooms that have been destroyed by Boko Haram. They even come here to pray, so I would not allow or advise any child to go to school in this area.”

Like Kolofata, Mora is also a town on the border with Borno State. Seven hundred students were expected at school there. But only 100 students appeared. And those who arrived found more than 2,000 Nigerian refugees in their school building.

Babila Akao serves as an administrative official for the area. He says, “People are suffering; the situation is a bad situation.” He says he is asking the Ministry of Education to postpone the start of the school year.

Kolofata and Mora are just two of the 25 schools on the border with Nigerias Borno State. Monouna Fotso is Cameroons secretary of state of the Ministry of Secondary Education. He says the government plans to move students from local schools for security reasons. He says at that time, the government will bring the staff and the students to the new sites. He says the goal of Boko Haram isto traumatize the citizens.”

Over time, Cameroon has worked to extend and improve its educational system. Fourteen years ago, the government began providing free education. The action was part of efforts to increase school attendance. Cameroon is also trying to educate all of the youngest school-age children.

Boko Haram is a threat to Cameroons students and educational goals. The group has killed, kidnapped and stolen from villages along the 2,000 - kilometer border with Nigeria. The group has gained energy and strength in its fight to establish a government ruled by a religious leader and sharia, Islamic law, in northern Nigeria. Cameroonian and Nigerian military action has failed to stop the violence.  

And thats the VOA Learning English Education Report. Im Jeri Watson.

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到校的其中一名17岁学生Foncha Rene说,由于博科圣地的袭击,其他学生已经被吓跑了。最近尼日利亚博科圣地叛军和喀麦隆士兵之间的武装冲突毁坏了该校的墙。

Pamela Singeth就职于Kolofata的一所公立学校。她在一处军营避难时对VOA讲到:“我不建议边境地区的任何孩子来上学,因为这太危险了。看看那些被博科圣地毁坏的教室吧,他们甚至到这儿来祈祷。所以我不会允许或建议这些地区的任何孩子来上学。”


Babila Akao是该地区的一名行政官员。他说道:“人们正遭受着苦难。现在的情况非常糟糕。”他说他正在向要求教育部提出推迟新学年开学的要求。

KalofataMora只是尼日利亚Borno州附近的25所学校中的其中两所。Monouna Fotso是喀麦隆国立中等教育部秘书。他表示,出于对安全的考虑,政府计划把学生们从当地学校中迁出。届时政府将把教学人员和学生们带到新的地方。他还说道博科圣地的目的是对国民造成精神伤害。



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