来源:BBC 2019-02-21

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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are holding a final day of rallies in the US presidential election after an acrimonious campaign. The latest opinion polls suggest Mrs. Clinton is leading her Republican rival by about 4 percentage points. Stockmarkets around the world have made gains following the FBIs announcements on Sunday that Mrs. Clinton should not face charges over her emails.

The Iraqi military says its uncovered a mass grave containing 100 decapitated bodies in a town recently captured from Islamic state militants. The discovery was made in Hamam al-Alil near the city ofMosul.

A senior Nigerian official says women in displaced camps in the northeast ofthe country will feel more comfortable following the deployment of police women.A hundred female police officers have been sent to the camps which will set up for people who fled Boko Haram Islamists. Human rights watchers accused security personnel of sexually abusing women in the camps.

The Italian authorities are rushing to salvage works of art from the rubble of buildings brought down in the series of earthquakes in recent months. Policeare investigating the disappearance of a 17th century painting from one church.

Police in Pakistan's biggest city Karachi say they have arrested dozens of people after series of sectarian killings. They believe twoof those detained are the killers of a well-known singer Amjad Sabri, who were shot in June.

The trial has begun in New York of two nephews of the Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro. They are accused of conspiring to smuggle 800 kilograms of cocaine into the United States, they have pleaded not guilty.

The Australian governments bid to hold a national referendumon whether to legalize same sex marriage has been defeated in the upper house of parliament. The decision is seen as a blow to the government which is led by Malcolm Turnbull. BBC news.