来源:BBC 2019-04-12

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Republicans are stepping up campaigning for the U.S. presidential election, as polls suggested tighter race unanticipated. Donald Trump's former Republican rival, Senator Ted Cruz, rallied supporters in the state of Iowa. Mr. Trump's wife, x, and his daughter, x, have also been speakingon his behalf. In North Carolina, Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton, called on the crowd to imagine life under a Trump presidency. President Obama has been urging young voters in Florida to rally to the Democratic cause.

The Paris Agreement on climate change has come into force, obliging governments to keep the global temperature no higher than two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. Scientists say the world will need to cut the greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 14 billion tons by 2030 to meet the target.

Autumn rains in northern California have helped pull about a quarter of the state out of its worst-ever drought. Parts of northern California saw rainfall three times or more above normal. The drought, though, remains serious in central and southern California.

The leaders of Turkey's pro-Kurdish HDP Party have been detained, along with at least five fellow MPs. Reports say police raided the houses of x and x as part of an anti-terrorist investigation.

The President of the European Commission, x, will, on Friday, discuss with the British Prime Minister possible delays to Britain's plans to leave the E.U. It follows a High Court ruling that Parliament must approve the country's withdrawal.

Prosecutors in x in the U.S. state of Iowa have charged a man suspected of killing two police officers with first-degree murder. Sergeant x and Officer x were shot dead in two separate attacks while they sat in their patrol cars.

A scientific study has found that smoking twenty cigarettes for a year creates up to 150 geneticmutations in every cell in the lungs. Researchers analysed more than 5,000 cancer tumours.

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