来源:BBC 2019-02-09

BBC news


President Obama has warned that the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails must not operate on innuendo. Mr. Obama said he had full confidence in the Democrats presidential candidate. His comments have been seen as an implicit criticism of the FBI director James Comey, who announced last week that the organization was reopening the inquiry after receiving fresh emails that might or might not be significant.

Kenya says it was drawing its troops from the United Nation'speace keeping mission in South Sudan after the Kenyan commander of the force was sacked. A statement from Kenyan's foreign ministry said the process offiring General Johnson Mogoa Kimani Ondieki lacked transparency.

An investigation into claims that South Africa's PresidentJacob Zuma had an improper relationship with a wealthy family says its found possible evidence of corruption at a high level. The report recommends that Mr.Zuma should establish a judicial commission of inquiry within 30 days.

Shia militias in Iraq say they are cutting the highway west of the Islamic state held city of Mosul that leads to the group's main stronghold in Syria Raqqah. Shia fighters joined the battle in a bid to cut themain supply route for IS.

Firefighters in Pakistan have battled for a second day to downs flames to a region on a decommissioning of an oil tanker after series explosions. Seventeen people are now known to have died.

Officials in India say they have made one of the largest drug houses in the country's history. The street volume has been estimated atover 400 million dollars.

Traffic police in the Chinese city of Shenzhen are using a creative tactic to stop drivers from flashing their full beam head lights into oncoming traffic at night. They are forcing offending drivers to sit on a chair in the roadside and stare directly into a car head light for a minute. BBC news.