来源:BBC 2019-02-09

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The UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon has sacked the commander of the UN forcein South Sudan after inquiry concluded that his peace keepers had failed to protect civilians. The investigation supported earlier allegation by aid workersthat UN troops refused to respond when government soldiers attacked an international aid compound in the capital Juba in July.

Iraqi Special Forces have fought their way into the outskirts of Mosul entering the city for the first time since Islamic state militants captured it more thantwo years ago. IS has put up fierce resistance and the fighting is continuing.Sniper fire is posing a particular danger to the force which is trying tosecure an eastern neighborhood.

Eleven people, including two policemen, have been arrested in Morocco over the killing of a fish seller whose death prompted large scale protest in several cities. The fish monger Mouhcine Fikri was crush to death in a rubbish truck on Friday as he try to retrieve fish confiscated by police.

As results are announced in Ivory Coast of last Sunday's referendum, it's clearthat president Alassane Ouattara has officially won an overwhelming majority in favor of propose constitutional changes. The opposition which called for a boycott said no more than 7% of voters took part.

A cave in central Brazil has collapsed during a religious celebration reportedly killing ten people and injuring and trapping others. Local reports say that dozens of worshippers had gathered in the Casa da Pedra Cavenear the city of Santa Maria to celebrate all Saints day by praying and lighting candles.

The BBC has been told that Thailands crown prince Vajiralongkorn willbe confirmed as the country's next king on December 1. He was expected to be annoying on the death of his father King Bhumibol Adulyadej three weeks ago. BBC news.