BBC英语新闻:鲍勃・迪伦打破沉默 称获诺奖让他“惊讶到无言以对”

来源:BBC 2019-02-05

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Eleven days before the presidential elections in the United States, the FBI has announced its reopening an investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails. The FBI director said the bureau had discovered new emails and would determine whether they contained any classified information. Mrs. Clinton's campaign has demanded full details. Her rival, Donald Trump, praise the FBI for reopening the inquiry.

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro says a 12-hour-walkout called by the opposition has failed. He said the oil industry had ignored the strike as had basic industry, schools and transport. Reports said the streets of many cities were quieter than normal.

The United Nations says its negotiated the release of nearly 900 children held by the Nigerian security forces in the northeastern city of Maiduguri. A UNspokesman said they were held on suspicion that they might be linked to Islamic militants.

Thousands of Iranians have defied the authorities by holding a rally to markwhat they called a day of Cyrus, the ancient Iranian king who repeatedly established the first universal declaration of human rights. Demonstrators shouting nationalist slogans gathered around his tomb in Pasargad near the southern city of Sheraz in spite of attempts by the police to stop them.

The US Supreme Court has agreed to rule on a case in which a school in thestate of Virginia as try to prevent a female born transgender student fromusing the male bathroom. A lower court ordered the school to accommodate the 17-year old, but that was put on hold while the Supreme Court considered whether to hear the school's appeal.

The American singer Bob Dylan has broken a two-week silence on the announcement that hes been awarded this year's Nobel Prize for literature. TheNobel Foundation said the singer had contacted the Swedish Academy to say the news about the prize had left him speechless, but that he greatly appreciated the honor. BBC news.