来源:BBC 2019-03-29

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BBC news with Marion Marshall.

A federal judge in the United States has proved a settlement of nearly 15billion dollars for claims against the German car manufacture Volkswagen overits diesel emission scandal. Nearly half a million Volkswagen owners will beable to sell back their cars or get them fixed. Theyll also receive up to10,000 dollars in compensation. Volkswagen admitted last year that it hadcheated on diesel emissions tests to make its vehicles appear cleaner.

The International Energy Agency says the world's capacity to generate electricity from renewable sources, such as solar power, has now overtaken coal. A new report by the agency says half a million solar panels wereinstalled everyday around the world last year.

United Nations has warned that a rise in hate speech and incitement ethnicviolence in South Sudan could result in mass atrocities. Tensions between the largest ethnic group, the Dinka and people from the Equatorial region, have grown dramatically in recent weeks after deadly attacks on Dinka bus passengers.

The US defense secretary Ash Carter says he is encouraged by the progress beingmade in the major offensive against Islamic state militants in Mosul, but hewarned that resistance by IS was likely to intensify as the Iraqi troops andtheir allies close in. Earlier, there were fresh reports that the militants have been killing civilians in areas just south of Mosul.

Congress in Venezuela has voted to open a political trial against the socialist president Nicolas Maduro further raising tensions between the government and the opposition led national assembly. The Congress accuses Mr. Maduro ofviolating democracy. The Venezuelan government Supreme Court declared congress illegitimate.

The captain of Brazil's legendary 1970 world cup winning football team CarlosAlberto Torres

has died in Rio de Janeiro after a heartattack, he was 72. BBC news.