来源:BBC 2019-01-28

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BBC news. A senior member ofthe governing African National Congress in South Africa has called on it sentire leadership to step down including President Jacob Zuma.Jackson Mthembu said everyone had to take collective responsibility forthe chaos in the party which he said was behaving worse than the apartheid government.

Turkey says its forces in Iraq have taken part in the offensive against socalled Islamist state near Mosul despite the Iraqi governments rejection oftheir involvement. Ankara said its artillery has helped Kurdish Peshmerga forces battling IS militants near the camp of Bashiqa.

The top NATO commander in Afghanistan has criticized the leadership of the country's police and armed forces. General John Nicholson said basic mistakes were contributing to high and rising casualty rates, especially among the police.

Ten months of political deadlock in Spain has been broken clearing the way forMarianna Leroy to be confirmed as prime minister. The opposition socialists have left their veto on a conservative minority government. It's now probableSpain will have a new administration early next month.

The US senate subcommittee responsible for competition says it would hold ahearing later this year on the purchase of the media giant Time Warner byAT&T. A spokesman for the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clintonhas also said there were a number of questions that needed scrutiny.

The leader of Hezbollah in Lebanon Hassan Nasrallah has said his movement MPs will vote for the election of the former army commander Michel Aoun aspresident to the next parliamentary session. Lebanon has been without president for more than two years.

Officials in Haiti said there are still at least 150 prisoners on the run after a breakout from the jail in the north of the country. The Justice Ministry saysits investigating whether prison guards had assisted in the breakout. BBCnews.