来源:BBC 2019-01-14

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BBC news.

Canada says negotiations to reach a free trade deal with European Union hadfailed. The Canadian trade minister said it had become evident that the EU wasnot capable of reaching agreement. The EU says the process is not over.

The French authorities have announced that a migrant camp in the port of Calaiswhichs stringing relations between France and Britain would be closed onMonday. The camp houses thousands of people want to reach the UK.

The Department of Homeland Security in the United States is investigating thecause of cyber-attacks on Friday which have affected some of the best knownnames on the internet.

Cameron's transport minister has said that at least 53 people died when acrowded passenger train derailed on Friday near the town of Eseka. Eyewitnesses said ten carriages overturned trapping people underneath.

The Mexican authorities have arrested the former police chief of Iguala, thetown where 43 students went missing two years ago. Relatives of the victims said they hoped his arrest would lead to more information about what happened to them.

The US defense secretary Ash Carter has insisted that this an agreement principle for Turkey to help retake the northern Iraqi city of Mosul from Islamic state militants. But an Iraqi government official said Baghdad wanted Turkey to backits war against IS and not violate Iraqi sovereignty.

A lawyer in Pakistan is calling on President MamnoonHussain to halt the execution of paranoia Schizophrenic whos been sentenced to death for murder. Imdad ali was declared clinically insane after killing a cleric 14 years ago.

The UN has appointed the comic book character Wonder Woman as an honoraryambassador for the empowerment of women and girls. Some UN staff argued that the scantily dressed super hero could trample on cultural and religious sensibilities. BBC news.