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Canada says its attempts to strike a free trade deal with the European Union have failed. The Canadian Trade Minister told reporters it had become evident that the E.U. was not capable of reaching agreement, even with a country like Canada that shares European values. The E.U. says the process is not over.

The French authorities have announced that a migrant camp in the port of Calais, which has strange relations between France and Britain, will be closed on Monday. The camp, known as the Jungle, is thought to house up to ten thousand people who want to reach the U.K.

Cyber attacks on a U.S.-based company have disrupted the services of some of the best-known names on the Internet. Twitter, x and x were among those affected.

In the past half hour, European space officials have acknowledged that a probe sent to Mars crash-landed on the planet two days ago. Images suggest the lander was destroyed on impact.

Russia says a temporary humanitarian truce in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo has been extended for another twenty-four ours. Earlier, the U.N. was forced to abandon plans to evacuate wounded civilians from the rebel-held part of the city.

A curfew is in force in the northern Iraqi city of x, after an attach by Islamic State suicide bombers. Their assault coincided with a push to recapture the city of x from IS.

A German rescue group says a migrant boat with about a hundred and fifty people on board has been attacked in international waters off the Libyan coast. The group, See Watch, was delivering life vests and medical aid to the dinghy, when it was assaulted by a speedboat.

And the United Nations has appointed the comic book character, Wonder Woman, as its honorary ambassador for the empowerment of women and girls. Hundreds of U.N. staff have objected, arguing that the scantly-clad white superhero could trample on cultural and religious sensibilities.

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