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Iraqi forces say they've recaptured a town near the city of x as a major offensive against Islamic State militants continues. Elite troops targeted the town of x in an assault supported by helicopter gunships.

Donald Trump has said he won't accept a clear result in next month's presidential election, but reserves the right to legally challenge an outcome he considers questionable. Earlier, in the final presidential debate with his rival, Hillary Clinton, he refused to say whether he would accept the result.

The United States says a declaration by the President of the Philippines, x, that his country is to separate from Washington is inexplicably at odds with the traditionally-close relationship between the two countries. The State Department said the U.S. would be seeking an explanation.

Health experts from the U.S. and more than thirty Latin American and Caribbean countries are holding their first summit on tackling the zika virus. Scientists from the World Health Organization believe the mosquito-borne virus is linked to babies across the region being borne with the neurological disorder, microcephaly.

The mother of an Argentine teenage girl, who was abducted outside her school, then drugged and killed, says change is needed so that young people can feel safe. x told the BBC the illegal drug trade was infecting the minds of adolescents.

The Saudi-led military coalition that backs the government's side in the war in Yemen says a ceasefire there has not taken hold. A U.N.-brokered truce was meant to last three days. But after the first day, a spokesman for the Saudi-led coalition said rebel violations meant there was no ceasefire to speak off.

And a tiger in northern India that had killed two people has been shot dead, after a six-week hunt. Villages had become afraid to go the fields to harvest their rice, and parents were reluctant to send their children to school.

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