BBC英语新闻:美国军方表示 “伊斯兰国”头目开始逃离摩苏尔

来源:BBC 2019-02-01

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BBC news with Julie Candler.

The US military says there are indications the leaders of the Islamic stategroup have been fleeing the city of Mosul as Iraqi government forces and their allies close in. General Gario  Valaski said his forces had detected the departure of senior IS figures, but he didn'tname them or give any details of how they had escaped.

A three-day-cease fire was due to begin shortly in Yemen. Both the government whichs supported by a Saudi-led military coalition and the Houthi rebel movement have agreed to a UN brokered truce. There have been reports of more clashes inthe run-up to the ceasefire.

Scientists of the European Space Agency are still waiting to find out if they have successfully landed a small robot on the surface of Mars. A senior scientist says the fact that the signal from the lander was lost shortly before it touched down wasn't a good sign. However, the spacecraft which deployed the lander has successfully gone into orbit around Mars.

The former speaker of the lower house of the Brazilian Congress Eduardo Cunha has been arrested in connection with a major corruption investigation. Mr. Cunhaled the impeachment process against President Dilma Rousseff earlier this year.

Thousands of people in Argentina have walked out of work for an hour as a partof protest against domestic violence. Activists have also asked women to dressin black and joined street marches following the rape and murder of the 16-year old girl earlier this month.

Forecast is predicting wide spread damages in the Philippine from typhoon Haimawhichs bringing fierce winds and rain to the Northern island of Luzon. Thestorm was upgraded to a super typhoon just before it made landfall.

Police in India have detained two brothers accused of repeatedly beating one oftheir classmates allegedly because he scored well in school and came from theDalit community the lowest Indian caste. The boys have been sent to a juvenile detention center. BBC news.