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BBC News with Debby Ross.
The U.S. and Britain have called for an unconditional ceasefire in Yemen to be implemented within days. The U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, and his British counterpart, made the call after talks in London. Both nations have been providing support to the Saudi-led bombing campaign against Houthis rebels in Yemen.

At the same meeting, both countries also said they were considering introducing more sanctions against Russia and Syria because of their actions in the Syrian city of Aleppo. Mr. Kerry described the killing of civilians there as a crime against humanity.
The World Health Organization says it's still trying to build a complete picture of the situation in Haiti, almost two weeks after Hurricane Matthew hit the Caribbean country, killing hundreds of people. It's said many places were reachable only by boat, mule or on foot
The President of Malawi,Peter Mutharika, has returned home after a month-long absence, which sparked questions about his health. Critics demanded an explanationbecause he's not been heard from since addressing the United Nations General Assembly in September. Officials have not explained his absence, but said it was a criminal of fence to spread false rumors about the president's health.
Mission controllers at the European Space Agency have detached a Mars landing probe from its mother ship, and now say they've established full data links after an initial loss. An official said she was surrounded by a lot of relieved people. The lander is due to touch down on the planet on Wednesday.
The fifteen-year-old daughter of the U.S. sprinterTyson Gay, has been shot and killed in the state of Kentucky. Trunity Gay died soon after being hit in the neck after, what witnesses say was, an exchange of fire between two vehicles in the early hours of the morning in the city of Lexington.Tyson Gay is second only to Jamaica's Usaine Bolt in the all-time list of fastest-ever 100 meters runners. He's also served a year's ban after testing positive for anabolism steroids.
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