VOA常速新闻:尼泊尔地震一周年 民众示威不满灾后重建工作缓慢

来源:普特英语听力 2019-03-21
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Thousands of Nepalis marked the one-year anniversary Sunday a powerful earthquake, grieving the loss of nearly 9,000 people. About 100 protesters clashed with riot police outside the prime minister's office, demonstrating against the slow pace of the Nepalese recovery. Max Santer of the Red Cross says the government has been preoccupied with political issues.

"The government after the civil war and over the last two years when they were working on the constitution, the focus was on the transition from a monarchy to a republican system. All these tasks of the government, of the state, were neglected. And it's the same now with the recovery actually, the government is neglecting, to a huge degree actually, the needs of the people in the hills or in the mountains where the earthquake happened."