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Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton are turning their attention to presidential primary elections taking place in five states next weekBoth candidates were the big winners in Tuesday's New York primary. The next key date is April 26, with Republican and Democratic primaries in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Connecticut and Rhode Island. Elaine Kamarck of the Brookings Institution says it is too early to declare a winner in either party.

"In another week, when we've had the Pennsylvania primary which is another big primary, if Trump and Clinton are doing as well as they did last night in New York, then I think you might see a shift. But it's a little bit early for that because the still have--each of them has strong and determined supporters and each of them--neither of them has a clear lock on the nomination at this point."   Elaine Kamarck

key point
declare vt. 宣布,声明;断言,宣称 vi. 声明,宣布

nomination n. 任命,提名;提名权