BBC英语新闻: 塔利班激进分子对北部城市发起进攻

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BBC News with  Neil Nunes.
Colombia's President, Juan Manuel Santas, has insisted that a ceasefire between the government and FARC rebels will remain in place, in spite of the rejection by voters of a historic peace deal. Mr. Santas said he wouldn't resign, and would carry on working for peace. The agreement signed last week in a high-profile ceremony was rejected in a referendum by a raise of thin margin. The FARC leader, known as Temechenko, said he regretted the result, but insisted there would be no return to violence. The former president, Alvalo olibei, who headed the NO campaign, said all Colombians wanted peace, but that the deal needed, what he called, corrections. Mr.Olibei's campaign had argued that the government was not being tough enough with the FARC.
Hungary's Prime Minister, Victor Oben , says the European Union is facing important questions after Hungarian voters rejected E.U. plans for the mandatory resettlement of migrants. More than 90% of those who voted supported Mr. Oben , but on a turnout too low for the result to be mandatory. The Prime Minister's political opponents have called for him to resign.
Afghan officials say Taliban militants have launched a coordinated assault on the northern city of Kundos . A police officer said the insurgents had been attacking from four directions, and heavy fighting was going on in and around the city.
The European Union has proposed a new plan to help deliver aid to tens of thousands people in besieged parts of Syria, in particular, Aleppo. The E.U. said it would provide 28 million dollars worth of funding, and work with United Nations agencies to deliver medicines, water and food to the rebel-held eastern part of Aleppo.
In golf, the United States team has won the red Cup for the first time in eight years after beating Europe. The U. S. victory in Minnesota ends a string of successive defeats at the hand of Europe.
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