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The United Nations Children's Fund reports a sharp rise in the use of child suicide bombers by the Nigeria-based militant group Boko HaramLisa Schlein reports.

"UNICEF says the number of known child suicide attacks in Nigeria and neighboring Chad, Cameroon and Niger spiked to 44 last year, up from four the year beforeThe agency, however, says it believes the actual numbers are higher. UNICEF's regional director for West and Central Africa, Manuel Fontaine, says these children should be considered as victims, not as perpetrators. Fontaine says deceiving children and forcing them to carry out deadly acts is one of the most horrific aspects of the violence in Nigeria and neighboring countriesLisa Schlein, Geneva."

key point
perpetrator n. 犯罪者;作恶者;行凶者

deceiving v. 欺骗(deceiveing形式)