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From Washington, this is VOA news. I'm Dave DeForest reporting.

EU officials move to make the migrant return process more humane: European Union officials are pledging that there will be "no automatic return" for the migrants before they are given a chance to apply for asylum. The announcement follows angry protests by international human rights activists who have accused the EU of denying migrants the basic rights of refugees to seek asylum. Jean-Pierre Schembri is a spokesman for the European Asylum Support Office...

"...so every individual, every case is different OK? Because everyone has specific things which needs to be looked into - so that's what I want to highlight, that this won't be a blank decision to send everyone back." 

Meanwhile, Turkey is to receive a second group of migrants deported from Greece.

key point
pledging n. 保证;抵押;抵押物,典当物v. 保证(pledgeing形式);抵押;向…祝酒

announcement n. 公告;宣告;发表;通告