BBC英语新闻: 奥巴马在白宫庆祝非裔美国奥运会圆满成功

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BBC News with Debby Ross.
Republican leaders in the U.S. Congress have said they want to reconsider legislation allowing the families of victims of the September 11th attacks to sue Saudi Arabia. The White House had warned that the law could expose American troops to prosecution abroad. The Senate majority leader, Mich McCornell, admitted that lawmakers hadn't understood the possible consequences.
Investigators say they hope soon to retrieve the data recorder from the train that crashed at x Station in New Jersey on Thursday. One person was killed and more than a hundred injured, when the train tore into the station, smashing through a barrier.
A U.S. Hedge fund has been ordered to pay almost half a billion dollars to settle charges it bribed officials in a number of African countries to secure mining and investment rights. Oxsafe operated in the Democratic Republic of Congo Chad, Niger and Guinea, as well as in Libya, where it paid millions to a son of ColonelKernell Qaddafi.
There's been another day of heavy fighting in Syria with government troops seizing more territory around Aleppo, while rebel forces launched a counter offensive in the central city of Hamar. The U.N. Chief, Steven O'Brien, said conditions in Aleppo had descended into a merciless abyss of humanitarian catastrophe.
The mission of the Rossetta space probe is drawing to a close, after scientists at the European Space Agency set the craft on a collision course with the comet it's been tracking for two years. They hope to get some final close-up pictures and measurements.
President Obama has celebrated the achievements of African-American Olympians in a ceremony at the White House. Among those present were relatives of Jessy Ovens , who won four gold medals at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. Unlike white athletesOvens received no message of congratulations from President Roosevelt on his return, an omission Mr. Obama said he wanted to redress.

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