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BBC News with Tom Sanders.
Republican Party leaders in the U.S. Congress have said they want to reconsider legislation allowing the families of victims of the September 11th attacks to sue Saudi Arabia. The White House had warned that the law could expose American troops to prosecution abroad. Saudi Arabia has expressed its deep concern. The Senate's majority leader, Mix Mcdonald , admitted that lawmakers haven't understood the possible consequences.
Transport officials in the United States have opened an investigation into the train crash in Hobkin station in New Jersey, in which one person was killed and more than a hundred injured. The commuter service failed to slow down and crashed through the barrier, stopping only when it hit the station wall.
The International Criminal Court has opened a preliminary investigation into election-related violence in Gabon. The government alleges that the defeated presidential candidate,Rong-ping, incited genocide during the election campaign. Mr. x has blamed the violence on the government.
The U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, has again warned Russia that Washington is on the brink of ending talks on Syria if the airstrikes on Aleppo continue. Earlier, Russia said it would carry on with its military support for Syrian government forces.
A U.S. hedge fund has been ordered to pay almost half a billion dollars to settle charges it bribed officials in a number of African countries to secure mining and investment rights. Orzev operated in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad, Niger and Guinea, as well as in Libya, where it paid millions to a son ofCanal Quadafei
The mission of the Resetor space probe is drawing to a close. Scientists at the European Space Agency have sent the spacecraft on a collision course with the comet it's been tracking for the past two years. They hope to get some final closer pictures and measurements of Comet 67P.
BBC News.