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Bolivia is holding a referendum Sunday to decide whether to amend the constitution to allow President Evo Morales to run for a fourth consecutive term in 2019.  A growing number of Bolivians are starting to doubt the integrity of Mr. Morales after it was revealed his girlfriend's employer received lucrative government contracts. It was also revealed that the girlfriend and Morales had a baby in 2007 and that the baby died under unexplained circumstances.
At least five people were killed Saturday when a cyclone struck the South Pacific nation of Fiji. Authorities have deployed storm teams and clean-up crews throughout the island chain to deal with the damage from Cyclone Winston, a strong, five category storm.

Key Points

1.referendum n.全民公决,公民投票

2.integrity n.完整, 正直,诚实

3.lucrative adj.获利多的,赚钱的,合算的 



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