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Voters in Niger are going to the polls Sunday to elect a new parliament and to decide whether the president will receive a second five-year term. Mahamadou Issoufou is running with a promise to crush Islamist militants and increase development in the country.
Violent protests in northeastern India have plunged the capital of New Delhi into a water supply crisis. Haryana state has been the scene of a week of demonstrations by members of the rural Jat caste.  Jats are demanding federal and state benefits, including guaranteed government jobs and university placement.  The protests turned violent Friday, when demonstrators set fire to houses and railway stations and damaged equipment that transports water to New Delhi. This is VOA news.
Key Points

1.demonstrator n.游行示威者,证明者,示范者, 实物说明者

2.set fire to 放火烧, 点着了