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  From Washington, this is VOA news. I'm Dave DeForest reporting.

The United Nations is reporting new cases of alleged sexual abuse and exploitation by U.N. peacekeepers in the Central African Republic. The U.N. says it has identified seven new possible victims in the town of Bambari. The mission says the soldiers implicated in the cases are from the Republic of Congo and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

 The senior U.S. military commander in Afghanistan told Congress Thursday that training for Afghan forces will be severely constrained if the number of American troops there is cut to 55-hundred, as President Barack Obama is promising. Army General John Campbell told the Senate Armed Services Committee that the cut would mean that "very little" additional training of Afghan soldiers would be possible.

 U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has pledged nearly a billion dollars in new U.S. aid for Syrian refugees.  He made the pledge at an international donors conference. Kerry called for the Syrian government and Russia to halt attacks on rebel-held areas in order to let humanitarian aid through. The conference opened Thursday in London with donor nations exceeding their goal of $9 billion.  U-N Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon was pleased.

"Never has the international community raised so much money on a single day for a single crisis."  Ban Ki-Moon

 Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton face off Thursday in a Democratic presidential debate in New Hampshire. According to RealClearPolitics, Sanders has nearly a 16 point lead over Clinton in the northeastern state, just days ahead of its primary election.

This is VOA news.
The body of a missing Italian graduate student has been found on the outskirts of the Egyptian capital, Cairo. Italy's Foreign Ministry says Giulio Regeni's body was found Wednesday in a Cairo suburb along the road that leads to the city of Alexandria.  He was covered with burns and other wounds, indicating he may have been tortured.

 A high-profile court case involving events that led to the Gaza war in 2014 has concluded in Israel.  Robert Berger reports.

"A Jerusalem court sentenced two Israeli teenagers to long prison terms for murdering a Palestinian youth, an incident that Israeli officials described as "Jewish terrorism." One Israeli got life in prison and the other 21 years, while a third suspect is still awaiting a verdict pending psychological examinations. The assailants burned 16-year-old Mohammed Abu Khdeir alive in July 2014; it was revenge for the abduction and murder of three Israeli teens by gunmen from the Palestinian militant group Hamas. Robert Berger, Jerusalem."

 A new survey revealed a sharp difference between Democrats and Republicans on how the next president of the United States should discuss Islamic extremism. The Pew Research Center study found 65 percent of Republicans, or those who lean Republican, want President Barack Obama's successor to speak bluntly about Islamic extremism.  Seventy percent of Democrats, or those who lean Democratic, think the next president should speak more carefully.

Police in Cologne, Germany have arrested at least two Algerians suspected of having links to the Islamic State group.  The arrests came as the city of Cologne kicked off its annual Carnival celebration.

 Swedish prosecutors say that a United Nations panel has found that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been 'arbitrarily detained' in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London.  They add that his confinement has no impact on the rape case against him in Sweden. Assange has been living at the Ecuadorian embassy in London to avoid extradition to Sweden, where he is wanted for questioning on allegations of rape, a charge he denies.

 Allegations that Rwanda has been recruiting and training Burundian rebels on its territory resurfaced Thursday in a confidential U.N. report. The Burundian rebels hope to oust Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza. A group of experts monitoring U.N. sanctions implementation in the Democratic Republic of Congo said it had interviewed 18 Burundian fighters. In Washington, Im Dave DeForest. Thats the latest world news from VOA.

recruit 招募
oust 取代; 剥夺; 驱逐,罢黜;

 arbitrarily detained:任意拘留

successor :继任者
bluntly :直率地
humanitarian aid:人道主义救援
sexual abuse:性虐待










 一项新的调查显示民主党和共和党在关于下任美国总统该如何讨论伊斯兰极端主义方面存在严重分歧。皮尤研究中心调查发现65%的共和党人或倾共和党人士希望总统巴拉克.奥巴马的继任者对伊斯兰极端主义不假辞色, 而70%的民主党人或倾民主党人士则认为下任总统应该在言语上更加谨慎。