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U.S. President Barack Obama returned to Washington Sunday from his holiday vacation, planning to immediately impose new controls on gun salesMr. Obama and his family departed Hawaii late Saturday night after their annual two-week Christmas vacation in the state where the president was born

A militia group has seized control of a federal government facility in the U.S. state of Oregon. The group broke into the headquarters of a wildlife refuge Saturday after staging a march to protest the imminent imprisonment of two local ranchers, who were convicted of setting fires on federally-owned lands several years ago. Both men--a father and a son-- have already served brief sentences for the crimes, but a federal judge recently ruled their jail terms were too short and ordered them back to prison.

key point
rancher n. 大农场经营者;大农场工人n. (Rancher)人名;(意)兰凯尔

federallyadv. 联邦地;联邦政府地;同盟地