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 An Obama administration report reveals the United States deported fewer immigrants in 2015 than in the past 15 years. The Department of Homeland Security Tuesday released its end of Fiscal Year 2015 statistics.  It says the drop in deportations is largely due to the decline in arrests at the U.S. border.

Israeli police shot and killed two Palestinians who stabbed Israeli pedestrians outside Jerusalem's Old City. Police say three Israelis were seriously injured in the incident Wednesday.  One later died from his wounds.   Another died from a wound apparently from police gunfire aimed at subduing the attackers. Micky Rosenfeld is an Israeli Police spokesman.
"An investigation is continuing as to how they arrived inside the area.  And heightened security is continuing in Jerusalem in order to prevent any further terrorist attacks from taking place."  
The attack occurred outside Jaffa Gate, a popular spot for tourists visiting Jerusalem's Old City.
key point

pedestrians n. 行人(pedestrian的复数)

security n. 安全;保证;证券;抵押品adj. 安全的;保安的;保密的