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In the Democratic Republic of Congo, there has been a mixed response from opposition parties and civil society to President Joseph Kabila's call for a political dialogue to sort out election issuesThe biggest opposition party has given the president's call a mild welcome, while other opposition parties have mostly rejected itNick Long has more.

"The DRC's biggest opposition party, the UDPS, does not appear to have issued a public communiqué in response to the president's call for a dialogue. But UDPS spokesman Augustin Kabuya told VOA a dialogue is needed to settle electoral issues, without which elections cannot take place. Kabuya rejected accusations that the party plans to reach a power-sharing deal with President Kabila, allowing him to remain in power beyond his constitutional two-term limit. The other two main opposition groupings, known as the G7 and the Opposition Dynamicissued a joint statement. The statement said Kabila's agenda for the dialogue clearly show he intends to stay in officeIt also accused his government of many failings. Nick Long, Kinshasa."

sort out v.整理,解决,把…安排妥当

communiqué 公报,公告

power-sharing n.权力分享


“刚果民主共和国最大的反对党—— 民主与社会进步联盟似乎还未就总统呼吁对话的提议发表公报已示回应。但是该政党的发言人奥古斯丁·卡布雅向VOA表示,对话是解决选举所必须的,否则无法举行选举。卡布雅拒绝承认本党计划与总统卡比拉达成一项权力分享协议,并允许其突破宪法连任两届的限制而继续执政。另外两个主要反对党,即G7和反对党动力发表了联合声明。声明指出卡比拉的对话议程清楚的揭示出其寻求继续执政的目的。同时,声明中还对卡比拉政府的诸多失误提出了指责。尼克·隆,金沙萨报道。”