VOA常速新闻:气候大会在巴黎举行 美国呼吁立刻采取行动

来源:普特英语听力 2019-01-19
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I'm Dave DeForest reporting. The climate summit begins in Paris: U.S. President Barack Obama urged world leaders to "rise to this moment," telling them their progress at the U.N. climate summit in Paris will be measured by "the suffering that is averted and a planet that is preserved."

"We have broken the old arguments for inactionWe have proved that strong economic growth and a safer environment no longer have to conflict with one anotherThey can work in concert with one another, and that should give us hope." 

The summit participants are trying to reach an agreement on measures to keep global temperatures from rising more than 2 degrees Celsius above pre-Industrial Revolution levels.

inaction n.不活动,不活跃, 迟钝, 懒

reach an agreement 达成协议,取得一致意见