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The group provides religious and educational services for Israeli ArabsBut it has also been behind a campaign accusing Israel of trying to take over the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The Rwandan Senate has endorsed constitutional amendments that would allow President Paul Kagame to stay in office for another two decades. The vote Tuesday in the Senate was unanimousThe proposed changes will be put to a national referendum, where they are expected to win easy approval.

endorse v.支票的背书,签名, 签署,批准

unanimous adj.全体一致的, 一致同意的,无异议的

referendum n.全民公决,公民投票,外交官请示书, 请示书


卢旺达参议员同意宪法修正案,允许总统保罗.卡加梅再执政20年。周二参议院全票通过该修正案。 之后将进行全民公投让人民做出决定,但他们自信能轻易赢得民众的支持。