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Houthi rebels in Yemen have freed at least five foreign hostages kidnapped earlier this year, including two Americans. All were freed Sunday following negotiations between the rebels and the government of Oman. Details on the talks or why the hostages were kidnapped in the first place are unclear.

Tanzania's main opposition party says it will file a lawsuit Monday against the country's ruling party and its presidential candidate John Magufuli, accusing them of "stealing" their party's symbols, logo and manifesto in violation of copyright lawsPolitical parties in Tanzania are required to register those items and get them approved by the National Electoral Commission ahead of electionsAn opposition leader tells VOA that appears the ruling party is trying to confuse the voters.

key point

negotiation n. 谈判;转让;顺利的通过

violation n. 违反;妨碍,侵害;违背;强奸

opposition n. 反对;反对派;在野党;敌对